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Chris Long For Mayor

Every two to four years politicians at all levels of government come back to the community asking once
again for your vote of support. Repeatedly, plans for certain communities are dusted off and re-performed
in community groups, churches, and civic halls alike, trying to convince you of why they didn’t quite
accomplish what they set out to do during the previous term, and to persuade you of what will be different
this time.

I am one of those citizens that witness this charade every election year, and I am tired of it. I’m not a professional politician, I’m just a regular citizen and business owner that has witnessed how certain groups within our community are taken advantage of year after year.

For our city’s Public Works Department, it is obvious that your department is one of many within city government who’s voice is not being heard. I wanted to take the time and put to paper my plan for Public Works should I become your next mayor.

Our city employees have not had a pay raise since the Kinsey administration. Time and time again each subsequent mayor have managed to pay for their pet projects at the expense of our hard city employees.

My plan is to give all city employees the raises they deserve. But I believe that I can take it a step further.

My plan will be to eliminate the hard majority outsourcing that our city government employs. The far majority of outsourcing is completely unnecessary. Studies have shown that a typical job will cost up to three times more when outsourced to outside vendors and contractors, when our own Public Works Department is more than capable of completing the work. When I get into office, I will re-do our work contracts back to our Public Works Department. The money saved per project to the city can then be used to generate quarterly bonuses back to our city employees as job saving revenue.

Our city employees deserve the bonus income for saving all taxpayers money, and to further stretch our budgeting dollars. Similar bonuses will be created as well for all city departments. As a result, we will have some of the highest paid city employees for mid-sized cities in the nation. Your union and previous mayoral administrations have failed you, I will not. A vote of support for me will mean finally rewarding our hard workers, and have the funding to do so without raising our citizen’s taxes. Let’s work together to make Chattanooga the city we all deserve. I want to be the People’s mayor, and to create an economic climate to ensure an equal playing field for EVERYONE, not just the select few.

My Administration Will:

I Need Your Help.

In order to make Chattanooga stronger, we need to work together. I’m ready to get to work! If you’d like to help us make this great city all it can be, fill out this simple form. I can’t wait to get started.

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