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There are many critical issues that we collectively face as we look toward the next four years as residents of Chattanooga. The conditions of our roads, an increasing violent crime rate, affordable housing, our water and sewer rates, and an out-of-control financial debt are just but a few. However, the underlining and probably most important issue we face is the need for good paying jobs for our citizens.

COVID-19 admittedly created even more unemployment in our city as the nation struggled to get ahead of this new virus.

However, when all is said and done Chattanooga remains woefully either underemployed or unemployed. New housing is either unaffordable or outright unavailable to most, especially for those most negatively impacted by COVID-19.

The American Dream is only a dream unless our citizens can afford the quality of life that they search for in our community. Money doesn’t buy everything, but if we are to thrive as a city our citizens need to be able to afford housing, food, increasing medical costs, utilities, and insurance premiums.

COVID-19 admittedly created even more unemployment in our city as the nation struggled to get ahead of this new virus.

The city leaders exchanged a restored downtown district for huge future debt, and additionally the gentrification pushed out lower income residents and replaced them with real estate units affordable to only the most financially capable.

My administration’s number one priority will be new job creation that will allow everyone to rise higher. Simply bringing in new relocated corporate industries has proven to be a disappointment to most in our city. We will provide the financial tools for small businesses to recover from the financial downturn that they have suffered, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Many huge corporations have literally thrived in our community through COVID-19 restrictions, tax abatements, and sweetheart deals.

However, our small businesses have largely withered. By providing the economic climate and opportunity for small businesses, our citizens can once again get on the path to the American Dream.
I believe that it is not the government’s job to provide the direct economic solution for everyone, but to set the economic climate and primer for everyone to succeed. New, good paying jobs are literally the economic engine of our city and will be the catalyst that everyone needs to provide the quality of life that we all desire.

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