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Homelessness is a serious cause for concern in many U.S. cities, including our own. The homelessness crisis has risen to a level that is practically out of control. The rising numbers of all homeless, including U.S. veterans and women populations create a blight to our street corners and test the limits of our charitable organizations and local governments. Chattanooga is far from immune. One only needs to drive throughout the city and see our many homeless flying signs and asking for handouts and claims to work. Add to the paradigm escalating crime by the homeless, the loss of tourism, the negative effect on our local businesses, and let us face it, an uncomfortable feeling created for all our own citizens as we witness the situation unfold around us.

But much can be done to eradicate homelessness, and my plan will go a long way to end the negative effects that our city and citizens experience as a result. A major responsibility as a city mayor is to both set a climate and to assist in creating a better quality of life for all citizens. I have extensive experience in volunteering with non-profits that have their focus in helping the homeless, and to reverse and correct many of the social situations that initially cause it.

There are many reasons of why people fall into homelessness. Recent studies even demonstrate that your average U.S. family are two paychecks away from bankruptcy. Death of a significant other, substance abuse, recent incarceration, loss of job, and mental illness are but a few of the main contributing factors.

No single piece of legislation can end the runaway homeless numbers currently affecting the city today.

We can however, create positive legislation, transient housing, and implement transition and diversion programs that will both slow the inflow of rising numbers, and decrease the actual homeless population by providing proper housing, education, and assistance in finding the proper medical attention needed to help the current homeless populations.


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