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Perhaps our greatest need as a city is to protect its citizens from acts of Violence against the community, Today in the city of Chattanooga, crime is in a staggering climb largely lead by gang violence.

The current Mayor inherited a rising crime rate, but in the last four years of his administration, the city has not yet been able to turn the tide of rising violence.

 It is understandable that as a city grows and develops larger that crime can and often increases. Perhaps therefore the mayor has been quick to promote his Family Justice Center and community activism as anecdotal proof that actions are being taken to lower crime and make Chattanooga safer. The bottom line….Crime continues to climb.

Crime in our city has reached ridiculous proportions. One can boast all they want regarding how property crime has decreased, but when citizens of our community must be worried about being killed or injured by gunfire in our streets, it really falls on deaf ears. This city adopted the Justice Department’s VRI {Violence Reduction Initiative) to combat gang violence in our city. This VRI, with minor revisions, is the same VRI currently being used in the streets of Chicago and other American cities. The essential point is that the VRI does not work. 

To borrow another candidate’s words, fighting crime is not a social experiment. We don’t need to hire 100 more police officers. We do not need any new ideas on how to handle an old problem. The solution for our city is simple. Enforcement. We cannot tie the hands of law enforcement in this city with even more procedures or rules of engagement. We need to enforce. I will have the back of the police officers of this city. They will have the proper equipment to do their jobs to increase their chances of returning home at night. They will even have batteries for their Tasers that work.

The law enforcement in our city are well trained, and are more than capable of addressing the increase in violence we’ve experienced. Currently we are losing on average 6 officers a month. I will ensure that we align our officers to best reflect the communities that they patrol. Our crime rate is not a problem that cannot be fixed, and fixed quickly, and I will do whatever I can to help our law enforcement community keep our citizen safe.

FBI crime data statistics of different cities and regions in our country. Clearly, by almost every measure, no one can claim that the city of Chattanooga is safer today than it was four years ago when Mayor Andy Berke took office. The problem is a relatively simple one. As politicians do, they pour money into the results of a problem, hoping to stem the tide of a rising crisis. Chattanooga can redevelop all the blight inner city property it wants, can create community’ watch groups and the sort, but until local government initiates a comprehensive plan to correct the problems out of which crime is born, it will simply be a series of band-aids used to lessen the damage, and not correct the problem itself.

Programs that work in conjunction with local and state probation officials can even allow offenders to qualify to end probation sooner, thus relieving an overburdened system.
Joint public and private partnerships can work together to collectively end what is now a revolving door system.

By allowing non-violent offenders an opportunity to be productive citizens in our society, the city will be the beneficiary of a safer community and more efficient judicial system, while adding productive ex-offenders with more minor crimes back into our communities.

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