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Both the absence of affordable low-income housing and affordable housing in our city is at crisis proportions. As a former builder and architectural consultant, I know firsthand the complexities of building projects as it relates to building codes, permitting, and creating an affordable project Housing start-ups, re-sales, and new developments have priced themselves beyond the market of the average Chattanoogan.

Our average household income is approximately $44,000 … well below the threshold of qualifying for the average home in Chattanooga. The Times Free Press has even reported that our housing costs outpaced the national average by more than double in 2019.

As a result, our average non-homeowner citizen cannot afford to buy their own home and remain trapped, renting properties that are on a continual rise in rental costs.

The gap of the “haves and have-nots” continues to expand in our community. Couple the housing crisis with a severe lack of good paying jobs and we have a recipe for an economic personal disaster for our citizens. We must do better!

My administration will partner with private enterprise to create the necessary affordable housing for our community. We will create tax incentives for an already overtaxed building sector to provide the affordable housing we desperately need.

Currently, by misusing the Federal Consent Decree, the city has overtaxed developers only to take those fees and hide their creative spending in projects dubbed along with projects labeled as necessary to comply with the decree. The result is a beautiful downtown district redeveloped off the backs of her citizens, and a debt that our grandchildren will be struggling to pay off.

In order to get a hold of our housing crisis, my administration will first get in line with the consent decree and its proper management of compliance.

We will then also pull city building fees and permits back in line, freeing up affordability to the end user home buyers. My administration will create affordable housing to everyone, enabling all our citizens to pursue their version of the American Dream.


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