Why do I think I'm the best candidate for Chattanooga Mayor 2021 has to offer? Because the most important issue of any campaign is the moral character of the candidate. Knowledge, experience, and connection to the community are valuable tools, but when everything comes down to performing in office it falls on the shoulders of the character of the office holder. Will he/she put the best interest of the people of their city first in his decisions while in office? What about the character of doing what is morally right even when the decision is not easy?

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It has been often said that character is what an individual does when no one else is looking.

A mayor has a moral responsibility to do what’s right morally, ethically, and legally when no one is there to cast a watchful eye. How a public servant handles both his/her personal life, family life, and municipal life reflect not only on themselves, but on the city itself. Are mayors for example “cutting deals for personal gain”, are their actions the behavior that fall within the community and legal standards?

In the last eight years, we have failed as a community to hold our public officials to the standards that we expect as a community. Scandals, both public and private have been pervasive throughout the mayor’s office in City Hall now for the last few years. Land deals, zoning ordinances, abuse of power as it relates to water/sewage fees, even personal indiscretions have plagued the office, and it must come to an end. Unacceptable behavior by members in public office cast a negative shadow on the city’s image, and its credibility throughout the state and country. Furthermore, when poor decisions are made, they are magnified and become an even stronger issue when members holding office are not truthful to their constituents, and even go as far as to attempt to cover up the mistake.

Chattanooga is currently under scrutiny as a city because of the actions committed by her public officials.

Character DOES Matter.

I pledge to each and every one of you that I will always be truthful to our citizens and fellow public officials, will always hold the best interest to the individual citizens of our community, and that I will handle myself personally and professionally in a manner that honors our city and its people. Additionally, I will always be a good steward of the responsibilities that I have been entrusted, and to help our communities stay safe and prosperous as we grow as a city. Those responsibilities are not just for today, but for the welfare of the community into the future.

Please help me make Chattanooga a city not only to be proud of, but one that excels towards tomorrow for our future generation’s Chattanooga. I am asking for your vote, and your trust that I will always remain true to our city and its people.


My years of actual field experience in the construction industry from the ground up along with my experience in the hands on aspects of construction industry has become commitment to have a conservative approach to what I call Value Engineering. I have a talent that allows me to bring out the best out of my group of design professionals an Engineers will have the best source of information possible  currently available in order for them to create  the best possible economically and environmentally efficient design. My experience and close relationship with contractors gives me a strong ability to assess costs and potential pitfalls for prospective projects. I have a group of architectural and engineering professionals specializing in building, life-safety, fire, and accessibility code.

I’ve  been refining a design for a “transitional home,” which could be a game-changer thanks to its portability, affordability, and two-person capacity. (In fact, that the homes can be taken apart and moved “within minutes.”)

“These homes are insulated, innovative, and easy to assemble,”. “They’re the low-hanging fruit [solution].”


My vision entails opening a campsite of sorts that could house 40 to 50 transitional homes and up to 80 people on one acre of land; there would also be a main facility with a bathroom, showers, kitchen, meeting space, and other necessities. Each home costs $1,000 to build, so I estimate that the cost would be relatively minimal.

“The whole thing would cost less than a quarter-million, [whereas building] brick-and-mortar apartment units for 80 people would cost over $10 million, “Financially, it makes sense.”

I choose to stay optimistic, though, I believe that my transitional homes can make a huge difference for the mentally ill and those who may shy away from Chattanooga’s traditional shelters. “I call them the square pegs that don’t fit in round holes—we need square holes to put them in”. My campground concept is one of those square holes.”

For years trying to find “square hole” solutions in the wake of they call  Second Chance Village situation. I believe it makes perfect sense to reconcile Chattanooga’s rate of vacant housing units (currently) with the high need for available housing . . . but Investors would be running into roadblocks replicating that success.

“We desperately want more houses, right now!

Right now, tiny house villages for the homeless are finding success everywhere from Idaho to Portland. One of the most robust efforts is in Seattle, where Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) operates 10 such villages—with more in the pipeline—with support from the mayor.

I recognize that there is no “one-size-fits-all solution,” I’m willing to keep working doggedly to find the right mix of solutions that will work for Chattanooga, and I won’t give up until I get there—with the city on board. 

“It’s going to happen; they just don’t know it yet.”

I Need Your Help.

In order to make Chattanooga stronger, we need to work together. I’m ready to get to work! If you’d like to help us make this great city all it can be, fill out this simple form. I can’t wait to get started.


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